Y Gogs

Y GOGs – a short history of large men and a few women

Y GOGs (Geriatrics o Gymru – Geriatrics from Wales in the Welsh language, we use Y GOGs always and never the English version) were formed in 1993 to attend the International Golden Oldies Festival in Dublin, and since then have travelled the world enjoying the Fun, Friendship and Fraternity and the occasional pint which Oldies Rugby is all about.

Our home is at Clwb Rygbi Caernarfon (Caernarfon R.F.C.) who play in the National League Division 1 North.

Caernarfon is in North West Wales and is a small town of around 10,000 people, 87% of which speak the Welsh language, making it the the strongest area in the world for this historic language.

Our players are mostly late 40’s, mostly 50’s and a few Zimmer frames in their 70’s. We do not have any famous names on our players list but, Brynmor Williams, Gareth Davies, and Jonathan Davies have all been asked to come for a trial and haven’t yet refused but Garin Jenkins has played for us. We couldn’t refuse him!

Y GOGs are the only team from Wales to represent the country and attend these festivals. Team members have varied carers such as; International Art Dealers, Prime Ministers, Counterfeiters, Teddy Bear Producers, Drug Barons and Dentists.

Since 1993 Y GOGs have attended the International Golden Oldies Festival in:

1995 - Christchurch – New Zealand

1997 – Vancouver – Canada

1999 - Cape Town – South Africa

2001 – Toulouse – France

2003 – Brisbane – Australia

2010 – Edinburgh – Scotland


2004 – Benidorm – Spain – EGOR (European Golden Oldies Rugby) Festival

2006 – Zurich – Switzerland EGOR - Winners of the ‘Battered Relic Cup’ for the Team which reflects the Sprit of the Festival.

2008 – Funchal – Madeira

2010 Caernarfon Host Team

2012 Trieste Italia

2013 Prague Czech Republic

Y GOGs have also visited Dublin for every Bog Road Festival since it’s begining, Civittavechia, Roma, Munchen, Leipzig and a Tri-Nation event at Bridgnorth (England) in 2007.

We have held 3 GŴYL Y GOGs mini festivals over the last 6 years with 6 to 8 teams attending.

The 2010 European Festival which Y GOGs hosted in Caernarfon proved to be one of the most succesful Festival.

We will be at San Sebastian in June for the European Golden Oldies Festival


Rhagfyr 26 December, 2015









Cychwyn / Kick Off    -  12.00pm

Clwb Rygbi Caernarfon Rugby Club


Bwyd am ddim wedi ddarparu gan y Clwb

Free food prepared by the Club


Punch Rhyfeddol / Mystery Punch


Gêm Rhanbarthol ar y Teledu /

Regional Game on the Television


Raffl / Raffle


Oes ganddoch anrheg Dolig oedd ddim yn plesio neu botel o rhywbeth sydd yn edrych am gartref arall, dewch a fo fel cyfraniad i’r Raffl.


If you’ve got an unwanted Xmas present or a bottle that’s looking for another home, donate it to the raffle.


Pob cyfraniad call, neu hyd yn oed hanner call, yn dderbyniol.

All sensible donations, or even half sensible, acceptable


Manylion pellach / Further details  Brian 07974373998